10 class of hunges

Both the upper and lower Double-Hung windows slide open vertically. Sash also tilt inward for easy cleaning.
The lower sash of Single-Hung windows slides vertically to open while the upper remains stationary.
Hinged at the top, windows open from the bottom and push out. They are often combined with picture windows.
Fixed or Picture windows cannot be open . They can be built in a variety of geometric shapes and sizes and even different curved.
With one fixed sash and one operating sash, Sliding windows open horizontally, or side-to-side.
Hinged at the side, windows open by swinging outward allowing maximum from top to bottom.
A combination of windows (typically three) with angled sides that extend a room outward.
A combination of windows with gentle angles curved wall extending a room outward and maximizing your view.
A three-sided Garden window features a glass top, a bottom shelf, outward-facing picture window and two venting side windows.
In the Tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom of the window.

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