Casement Windows


Satoglass Casement windows open like doors. Like doors, either the left or right side is hinged and the non-hinged side locks securely. Casement windows are open and close with the durable turn of a handle, that are great option for your kitchen sink. Casements windows provide you with solid performance and wonderful looks. Security and beauty for your home to added structural performance and increased best security by interlocking frame.


8 Benefits of satoglass casement windows:

1.) The ability to maximise and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your home. This is achieved by their unique 90° pivot stays, which open in such a way as to partially centre the sash, thus capturing the breeze from any direction.

2.) Very Weathertight: Need a window that prevents air infiltration? Unsurprisingly, the most weathertight window is a fixed window.
3.) Screen on the Inside: If the window is 2nd story or higher, you will appreciate being able to pull out the screen from the inside.
4.) Force More Air Into House: The opened sash can act as a kind of chute to help force more breeze into your house.
5.) Extruded aluminum exterior cladding in a large selection of colors.
6.) Energy efficient glazing systems utilizing best technology.
7.) Available with natural Alder interiors.
8.) Significant warranty protection on insulating glass, aluminum cladding, hardware, all wood parts.


3 Styles Casement windows

Satoglass Traditional Casement Windows


is a versatile design with exceptional architectural appeal, performance and strength built in. Single-lever multipoint sash locks pull tight to a full perimeter weatherstrip for security against the elements. Heavy frames and sash components are standard.

Satoglass Radius Top Casement Windows


Are sure to add wonderful elegance and charm to any building project. Segment head casements and the traditional casements have matching sightlines.

Satoglass French Casement Windows


French casements are available in standard twin casement width for vertical sight line presentations when used in combination with standard casement windows.


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