glassshower123If your bathroom is crying out for a shower enclosure then you arrived the right services provider . Satoglasscebu the no.1 solution provider. Using best quality glass Frameless is the perfect choice to fit for both contemporary , simple and elegant design.
The internal mechanics are concealed fully in one elegant chrome plate, which gives you a secure showering environment with elegant style.
The Bathrooms in the Satoglasscebu come in all shapes and sizes to be customization , and people tastes and needs to vary considerably when they are looking for a new shower-enclosures. Our professional experts offer you a free estimation to range of the best quality showers with different looks perfect one for you and your family.

10 Ways to improve and protect your glass, granite and tiles:

• UV stable
• 100% optically clear
• Reduces cleaning by up to 85%
• Impact and scratch resistant
• 20% more brilliance
• 10X more water repellent
• Protection of the surface from stains and scratches
• A healthier environment without or chemicals during cleanup the floor.
• Benefits for new or existing surfaces
• Revitalization to maintain easy and effective.


The satoglasscebu features a special chemical coating on the inside of the shower glass called ‘Spot Guard’. This coating is applied at the factory using a special application process that cleans the glass, prepares the glass surface and bakes the coating onto the glass. A sticker is used to identify the correct side of the shower so it can be installed correctly.

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