SatoglassBar Basics

We treat each client as a unique case, striving for complete satisfaction and catering to every need as we develop unique, elegant, hand-forged wrought iron doors.

Home security bars are basically metal grids that are screwed or bolted through window frames to the structural framing. The basic versions are 3 and 4 steel bars set in a metal frame and are available at home improvement centers.

There are various 3 bar types:

• Permanent security bars are designed for long-term use.
• Swing-away bars are hinged for cleaning the window glass. They are secured with a padlock available only from the inside.
• Removable bars are designed to be used when bars may detract from appearances.


Why Bars on Windows Work?

This can help you prevent easy access at your home. But a large part of their effectiveness is psychological: Simply the sight of burglar bars is enough to discourage most home invaders.

2 helpful tips on how to Install Bars

1.Always remember start by installing bars on the windows that are least visible and easiest to reach. Basement windows are particularly susceptible: They’re low, and often hidden in shadows and obscured by foliage.

2.Interior installation complicates matters for burglars — they’ll have to go through the window first to get to the bars.

Sample Design for door trusses

Sample-Elegant-design thisp2 thisp3 thisp4 thisp5 Elegant-sample-design


Watch this video

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