Windows Measuring


Measuring and Ordering

Some home centers carry panels in standard sizes like 14 x 32 in. and 18 x 32 in. You can also have panels custom-made by a fabricator (search online or check the yellow pages under “Glass Block”). With custom-made panels, you can choose from a variety of glass block sizes, colors and surface textures. You might also want panels with small operable windows built in to allow ventilation.

NOTE: Some building codes require that basement windows allow for ventilation. Call your local building inspector.


Fabricators can make panels any size in 1-in. increments. Panels usually can’t be returned, so it’s critical that you give the fabricators perfect measurements. Commonly use fabricators simply ask for the rough opening measurements , then figure the size of the panel. To know the detail the size of the panel yourself, just subtract 1/2 in. from both the length and the width of the rough opening. This will allow space to build up a curb under the panel and provide gaps at the sides, which will be packed with mortar. Always remember your measurements must be in whole inches, not fractions of an inch.