Glass Awnings

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Sato Glass Awning – To provide a wonderful protection from the hot and rainy weather in Cebu while allowing natural light to illuminate your outdoor living space. Our best satoglass systems are well custom designed to blend elegant with existing structures and materials, providing you a durable and elegant system, increasing good quality of your living and space and adding great value to your property.

Prices may vary depending upon your design , materials and task of the installation.

Please call us for free estimation and advices (+63)922-806-5412

What the the benefits ? 

1.)Awnings decrease cooling loads, which are among the biggest expenses for buildings.
2.) Cebu in tropically hot climate using awnings can intercept the near vertical solar rays
3.) Awning benefits include maintenance free, operated from inside or outside, manual or electric, proven energy saver.
4.) During the day if the sun becomes too strong open out the built satoglass awning to control the amount of sunlight entering and control the temperature as well as opening every sides and front ventilation of the heat.
SatoGlassCebu is proud to be an Professional Glass Installer

5.)To save money in electricity bills designing a best make rooms more comfortable, install awnings over windows.

Overview Awning installation


All in satoglass are constructed from highest quality aluminium sections with flexibility in shape and design making a perfect atmosphere in the area you may well thought was not possible to cover.


Satoglass Commercial awnings can be create a stunning great looks for your business and increase street visibility. Each awning can be well custom designed to best fit your business, giving it the a state of an art of excitement .

Satoglass also advice that you choose from a variety of fabric patterns, colors, designs and framework systems. Increase eye appeal and give your business elegant design..

10 Type of Awnings
Patio Awning , Stationary Roll Up/Awning , Retractable Awning , Motorized Awning , Aluminum Awning , Door Hood , Door Awning , Cottage Window Awning , Deck and Patio Awning

5 Type of Shades for your awnings
Tension Shade , Drop Shade , Retractable Horizontal Shade , Exterior Solar Shade.
Enjoy your family with a refrshing elegant stylish by adding extra space to your home quickly and easily with one of the many variations of satoglass awnings that we offer. Get the best with the highest quality aluminium sections combined with 10mm laminated safety glass panels to the roof give a permanent all year round to enjoy your morning and evenings relaxation enjoy your garden.


Satoglasscebu can give you the best awnings installation services in sliding glass doors and front sections to offer the ultimate protection and outdoor space in the form of a ‘glass room’.

Get a smile on your family to truly enjoy a mixing the outdoors with the indoors to give yourself a beautiful area to spend a lot of time with friends , family and business.

What is a awning ?
An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven ofacrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron orsteel, possibly wood or transparent material (used to cover solar thermal panels in the summer )

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